Podcast: Larry Bird, Master of Verbal Intimidation on and Off the Court

Podcast – As Larry Bird turns 67 this December 7, take a closer look at one of the facets of the game that the Celtics Hall of Famer mastered better than anyone in his time: verbal intimidation. On the field, but also off it.

There are trashtalk specialists in NBA history: Gary Payton, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett were all big talkers. But it was perhaps Larry Bird who elevated this practice to the rank of art.

While he was far from the most intimidating physical player in the league, the Celtics legend knew how to get into the heads of his opponents. His great pleasure? Announce the program!

Before a shooting contest, he warns all his opponents that they are fighting for second place. And he wins! Before a decisive shot? He explains the upcoming action to his opponents, again successfully executing his plan.

To celebrate Larry Bird’s birthday coming up this December 7, here is a little anthology of his biggest hits.

An episode written by Jonathan Demay.

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The episode – Larry Bird, king of trashtalk

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2023-12-05 11:14:19
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