Azerbaijan Badminton Federation Holds General Meeting to Discuss Achievements and Goals for 2023

The general meeting of the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation was held.

“Report” informs that at the report-election meeting, the general secretary of the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation Ramil Hajiyev spoke about the activities of the organization in 2023 and informed about the work and goals to be done in the coming year.

It was emphasized that in 2023, 30 medals, including 8 gold ones, were won in the international arena. This number was 20 last year.

Azerbaijan hosted a number of international badminton competitions and the Congress of the European Badminton Confederation. A number of programs related to the development of this sport in the regions have been implemented. After that, the head coach of the national badminton team, Morteza Validarvi, shared his thoughts on the performance of athletes in international tournaments and the 5-year strategy covering the years 2023-2028.

Aydan Mammadhasanova, the head of the marketing department of the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation, spoke about the work done in connection with the development of refereeing. At the meeting, Orkhan Galandarov, a former member of the national team and currently working as a coach, made a presentation on the development of amateur badminton.

After that, an election was held for the membership of the Board of Directors. In order to ensure gender equality, Ilaha Amirbeyova replaced Mirza Orujov in the Board of Directors on the basis of general voting. Mirza Orujov was elected an honorary member of the Board of Directors.

Taleh Ziyadov, president of the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation, gave a special memorial gift to teacher Mirza, who had exceptional services in the development of this sport. Taleh Ziyadov’s adviser Chapay Mammadov presented the IT platform and the system for calculating athletes’ ratings on the official website of the federation.

An open discussion with the members was organized at the meeting chaired by Taleh Ziyadov. Speaking at the end of the meeting, the president of the federation stated that enough work had been done in two years and shared his notes on the activities of the committees.

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