PalaCalafiore Hosts Fierce Battle between Myenergy Reggio Calabria and Council Hall

This evening at 8.30pm PalaCalafiore it’s still played. There Myenergy Reggio Calabria faces a direct competitor, Council Hall. There isn’t too much time to celebrate the success achieved at Orlandina. She talked about it Emin Mavric.

What challenge was it?

“It was a very tough race. A victory that scores, thanks to the two points, also useful for the second phase but also boosts morale, instilling new awareness in our means. It was a tough match, we gave everything we had and we brought it home as a team.”

When do you think you won the race?

“Many episodes decided the match, not a simple play. In my opinion we won it defensively. We were aware that we had to be tough against them, also because, offensively, we are skilled at making baskets. We were ready with motivation and awareness within our means. We were convinced of this and we succeeded”

Our audience?

“To tell you the truth, I can’t wait for Wednesday to hug them all again. They were great again. They make us feel at home, even on the toughest trips. Every now and then I looked up and saw them: I am really proud of them, I and my teammates and thanks to them we are aware that we can push ourselves beyond our limits.”

2023-12-20 11:09:49
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