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Lillehammer, Nordic Combined – HS 140, 10km, December 3rd, 2023

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This is how the training went

Before the competition, the athletes had to do a training jump. Unsurprisingly, the best jump was delivered by Jarl Magnus Riiber, who jumped with two gates less. The Norwegian reached 133.5 meters. Four points behind was Johannes Lamparter, who had jumped further but had more of a run-up. Yamamoto was third. The best DSV athlete was Terence Weber in seventh place.


ÖSV would like to continue to put pressure on

The Austrian team was able to perform as a unit this winter and yesterday’s competition in Lillehammer went well, even if the podium failed to materialize in the end. Led by Johannes Lamparter, the Rettenegger brothers are also in good shape and should be involved again. Franz-Josef Rehrl and Martin Fritz still have some catching up to do, especially on the cross-country ski trails. Lukas Greider, Paul Walcher and Fabio Obermeyr will complete the team in Lillehammer.


Jump as a sticking point

The ski jump has proven to be the big sticking point for the German combined athletes so far this season. Most of the team are fine on the cross-country ski run, but they leave too much on the hill to put pressure on them to win. The fact that the switch to the large hill takes place with just one test jump probably doesn’t quite fit into the plan. Nevertheless, something is certainly possible again, especially for Julian Schmid, Johannes Rydzek and Manuel Faißt. For Terence Weber it will depend on how he gets over the jump. Vinzenz Geiger also still has room for improvement. Wendelin Thannheimer and Fabian Rießle are early in the jumping round and want to make it onto the World Cup team.


Are there Norwegian festivals again?

Yesterday, Saturday, the Norwegians were the ones who had to beat in front of their home crowd. Led by dominator Jarl Magnus Riiber, the hosts celebrated the triple victory on the normal hill with Jens Lurås Oftebro and Jørgen Gråbak. Behind them were Julian Schmid and Johannes Rydzek from the German team. The best Austrian was Johannes Lamparter in sixth place. Today the field goes to the large ski jump in Lillehammer and just one jump to get used to the profile of the facility. The Norwegians are likely to be the favorites again.



Good morning to the second day of the Combined Men in Lillehammer! The jump starts at 9:00 a.m. before hitting the track at 11:30 a.m.


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