Brahim’s Breakthrough: Rising Star Shines for Real Madrid

Brahim presents battle. Minute by minute, opportunity by opportunity. The injuries have opened cracks and the man from Malaga has been sneaking in until he breaks down the door. Based on goals and performance. Granada, his last victim. Fourth start in the last five games, fifth in total, and a new goal. There are now three, all crucial. All 1-0, to open the can. Against Las Palmas, where he began to collect merits, against Braga at the Bernabéu and the third, against the Nasrids. After a start to the season where Ancelotti recognized the attacker’s timing as “unfair”, the revolution has arrived. Brahim was always clear that the opportunities to shine would come, he conveys the player’s environment to AS. Far from being overwhelmed by a difficult start (46′ in the first seven games), the footballer was aware of the context. His focus was only on squeezing out every short second and time has proven him right. “He feels very strong,” they highlight.

And the last goal wasn’t just any goal. “It was a definition of 9″, the protagonist smiled. He stood before André Ferreira and with a soft touch with his left foot, clicked, into the back of the net. After embracing a Bernabéu that was surrendered to its football (“Every time I started and they were able to applaud me, they did; my family makes videos for me and when I see them… Wow!”), he went after Kroos . The attendance was worth it. “It is a credit to Toni, who sees the pass like no one else. Today I had to clean his boots!” Because the celebration left the photo of the match, with the man from Malaga ‘polishing’ the German’s boots. A round match that ended with a well-deserved MVP award.

Brahim celebrated his goal with Kroos.ISABEL INFANTESREUTERS

Brahim also made it 2-0: he beat Ignasi Miquel by power and, with mischief and iron will, made a pass of death to Bellingham. The one from Stourbridge was unable to overcome Ferreira’s reflexes, but the rebound was caged by Rodrygo. And shortly before, a filtered heel from the Malaga native that blurred the defense to leave Jude in an open position. He crossed the shot too much, but it was another touch of the good understanding between the two. On and off the field, because Brahim and Bellingham connected since the now white top scorer landed, beyond the famous dinner at the De María restaurant with Güler. Something that was extrapolated to the green when they have had the opportunity to share minutes. Or training, since in the preseason they were constantly looking for association.

Numerical display

Now, Brahim has gone from paddling against the current to having control of the oars. Against Granada, in addition to what has already been detailed, he was the Madrid player who completed the most dribbles (three), the third who made the most passes in the final third (26), the second who created the most chances (two)… And not only He limited himself to generating: he recovered six balls, the same as Valverde and only behind Rüdiger (eight) and Kroos (nine), he completed the tackle he attempted and was tireless under pressure to try to short-circuit Granada in the initial phase. He was part of that group to which Ancelotti gave the medal in the mixed zone: “The key to keeping a clean sheet was collective commitment; Much of the credit goes to the forwards, who press and allow us to be solid at the back.”

Brahim.BeSoccer Pro Analytical Profile

A Carletto who did not limit his praise to Brahim within the generalization: “He is playing very well, working a lot. Wherever I put it, I’m very happy with it. He has not had much prominence at the beginning, but now he is showing the quality of him.” 180 degree turn to the situation (it already accumulates 416 minutes). Something that 21 always trusted he could do. His dream was to succeed at Real Madrid after demonstrating in Milan, with the number 10 on his back, that the elite is his place. Finding a place at the Bernabéu is a complicated task, but with his mischief he is already uneven in matches with the white jersey. A genie is on the loose and Ancelotti rubs the lamp more and more assiduously.

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