Nikola Jokic: The Best Player in the World according to the NBA

Who is the best player in the world? It is a common doubt. It haunts the thinking minds of opinionators of all kinds and conditions. Although in the NBA and for some time now it seems that the doubt is not reasonable. He is Nikola Jokic, MVP of the last finals, champion and leader of the Denver Nuggets. Mainly because no one scores as much, rebounds as much and only Tyrese Haliburton assists as much. He’s the best in two of the big three individual aspects…and just six passes off the best in the third.

No lanza ante Sabonis.

Jokic leads 579 points scored. They are more than Giannis Antetokounmpo and 14 more than Luka Doncic. He grabs 255 rebounds, six more than Anthony Davis and 29 more than Domantas Sabonis. In addition, he distributes 196 assists, six less than Tyrese Haliburton who surpassed him after a great quarterfinal game in the NBA In-Season Tournament.

His game is once again understood from the point of view of reliability. Of course, he had never before scored so little from outside (30.4% in triples) and free throws (78.1%), but he had scored so little in field goals (56.8%) and his ability not to lose balls. He had, for example, two games with 30 points, a triple double and no losses. No player in the last 40 years had done it. Jokic, twice.

In a key season, the Nuggets continue to look for more consistency. In large part it involves a Jamal Murray who finds physical regularity and joins the Jokic, Gordon, Porter or the second youth of Reggie Jackson or DeAndre Jordan. Of course, everything revolves around Jokic.

Jokic tries to advance.

You will never stop Jokic with only one player on him

De’Aaron Fox

Everyone knows it. “You will never stop Jokic with only one player on him. Many times, you won’t even be able to have the entire team on top,” explained De’Aaron Fox, star of the Sacramento Kings and the last team to beat the champions (117-123). “What you have to do is make sure that the others can’t be well . If you do it, you can inject your poison into that team,” the point guard concluded. Jokic is the king of the NBA… and few know how to stop him.

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