Mysterious Death of Tourist in Italian Hotel: Husband Wanted by Police

Yellow a Spice: the corpse of one tourist was found this morning in the room of a hotel of Mattarana. The hotel staff found the body. The carabinieri and the medical examiner were on site and, according to initial information, found deep wounds inflicted with a cutting weapon. The husband of the woman found dead in a hotel in La Spezia is wanted by the police. According to what was learned, the man drove away in his car, a white C3. The couple is from Cremona. The victim was called Rossella Cominotti and she was 53 years old. The husband, 57 years old, is called Alfredo Zenucchi and is apparently originally from Bergamo. Her husband was stopped by the police in Lunigiana. We learn this from the police.


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The carabinieri from the Sesta Godano stations arrived immediately at the hotel, then the investigative unit led by Major Marco Di Iesu. The magistrate on duty, prosecutor Elisa Loris, is also expected. The acquisition of images recorded by the cameras installed nearby is already underway to reconstruct what happened and trace any sequences of the husband leaving the hotel. The 53-year-old woman had been a guest of the facility since last Friday together with the man who left this morning.


The couple, according to information gathered, should have left today. The magistrates, the Carabinieri of Borghetto Vara, the provincial of La Spezia, the 118 of Brugnato and the Red Cross of Sesta Godano were on site. “We are shocked”, the words of the hotel owners. There had been no news from the two for a couple of weeks. They live in Cavatigozzi, on the outskirts of Cremona, and are the owners of the newsstand in the center of Bonemerse, in front of the town hall.

A post on Facebook published by the woman’s cousin invited anyone who had news of the couple to come forward: «The phones are turned off, they no longer receive calls and WhatsApp doesn’t work either. The police have been at work for days and there is a lot of concern in the family”


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