Mostaza Merlo’s spicy statements: who is the best footballer in history and why Vidal and Banega could not be in Boca

Reinaldo Carlos Merloalso know as Mustardexplained that for him Skin “He is the best player in history” and told why Arturo Vidal and Éver Banega “are not for Boca”.

Through a dialogue with the programa radial Soccer 910the idol of River Plate He gave his opinion about who is the best footballer in all of history and I do not hesitate to respond. Neither Lionel Messi in Diego Maradonafor Mustard es Skin.

“The best was the black Pelé. He is the best player in history, from another planet. That is why there is no need to compare. Maradona y Messi They are two phenomena, but the best in history is Skin, forget it. I didn’t get to play against him in the Cosmos, but he was the best player I saw in my life. The only thing that could happen to me was Skin, he danced to me. She had everything. Skill, he hit with his right, with his left, he rose, he headed…,” commented the former coach.

Even, Merlo He remembered that he knew how to mark very well Maradona in his time as a footballer and also clarified that Messi I wouldn’t be able to get past it either. “I could have marked Messi calmly, he didn’t dribble at me. I’m not crazy about it, what if he throws a pipe at me? No. I would mark him man to man in the back half of the field. Like Maradona. The man-to-man mark bothers all the players,” confirmed the former defensive midfielder.

Regarding the current situation in Argentine football, the coach who won the Academia In 2001 he had no hesitation in saying that the stars that sound like Boca Juniorsso much Ever Banega as Arturo vidalare not at the level to play in the Professional League. “I think it remains Cavani, nothing else. The other thing is more from businessmen who want to place them somewhere else. I think they are not there for Boca, nor for Argentine football. Not today. “I have seen them at the national team level, they are great players but for this very dynamic football I don’t see them,” argued the 73-year-old former coach.


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