Mexican Badminton Team Prepares for Final Competition of 2023 in Canada

Editorial/Quadratin Deportes

MORELIA, Mich., December 4, 2023.- The Mexican badminton team is close to closing its competitive year, as they will compete in their last commitment of 2023, in the Canadian International Challenge, which will take place from December 5 to 10 , in the city of Markham, located north of Toronto.

According to Conade, the national women’s branch is made up of Haramara Gaitán Fausto, Miriam Jacqueline Rodríguez Pérez, Sabrina Solís Martínez, Romina Fregoso Guevara and Vanessa García Contreras.

The men’s category is made up of Job Castillo Galindo, Luis Armando Montoya Navarro, Luis Ramón Garrido and Armando Gaitán Fausto.

The complete note in Conade

2023-12-05 01:13:45
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