Meet the highest paid in world sport: few earn more than Rahm

Saudi Arabia has dethroned the economic strength that the United States has demonstrated (and demonstrates) for years to attract and protect sports stars. The Americans had no rivals other than themselves, but they have still had the largest contracts in the history of sports. The NFL of American football and the MLB of baseball, and to a lesser extent the NBA of basketball, have been ousted by petrodollars, although at the top of the ranking an eradicated movement appears in our country.

Leo Messi leads a classification in which Jon Rahm rises to the second step, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, after embracing the Saudi LIV system, which has caused an earthquake in golf and calls into question the short-term future of the genius from Barrika.


555 million euros Football

Leo Messi (Barcelona)

It was made public four years later, before leaving Barça. The Argentine star earned that amount between 2017 and 2021, the largest sum in the history of the sport. From Barcelona he went to Paris and this summer he signed for Inter Miami. He has just won his eighth Ballon d’Or at the age of 36 after being crowned world champion with Argentina.


500 million euros Golf

Jon Rahm (LIV)

The Biscayan has broken all golf records by joining the Saudi LIV league project. He will receive this amount for the next four years, separate bonus. His signing has caused a real earthquake in the sport, especially after in recent years he promised loyalty to the PGA for its “history” and the “legacy” that he wanted to leave.


500 million euros Football

Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nassr)

The Portuguese also fell into the arms of Saudi Arabia by signing for Al-Nassr in the winter market of 2023. The emoluments are divided into two and a half years. The Portuguese is 38 years old and has a very complete track record, but he is insatiable. He has his sights set on the next Euro Cup, where Portugal aims to win its second title.


450 million euros American football

Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

The NFL star became the highest paid in 2020 – Messi was unknown. The Kansas City Chiefs just raised his salary and now he earns 52 million. The one from Texas is 28 years old and has a future as promising as his present. He plays as a quarterback and has won the SuperBowl twice (2020 and 2023).


440 million euros Football

Karim Benzema (Al-Ittihad)

The Frenchman left Madrid for Arabia in exchange for 400 million for two courses with Al-Ittihad, in addition to another 40 million for being a World Cup ambassador. He is about to turn 36 after leaving Real Madrid, where he won everything at club level and also the Ballon d’Or. He is retired from the national team, with which he missed the World Cup due to injury.


420 million euros Boxing

Floyd Mayweather (Showtime)

One of the best boxers in history pocketed this money after signing a contract in 2013 with the television channel ‘Showtime’ for six fights in 30 months. After beating the Irishman Connor McGregor of the UFC in 2017, he retired undefeated with 50 victories. He got the first one in 1996. The one from Michigan is now 46 years old.


400 million euros Baseball

Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)

Another who made history in his sport. In 2019, the MLB’s Los Angeles Angels tied him up for twelve years by bathing him in gold. That season he won the MVP. The one from New Jersey is 32 years old and plays the outfield position. He has ten All Star appearances and three season MVPs, in addition to being rookie of the year in 2012.


340 million euros Boxing

Canelo Alvarez (DAZN)

The Mexican boxer signed in 2018 with the ‘DAZN’ platform for eleven fights over the next five years. However, he broke his contract in 2020. The one from Guadalajara is 32 years old and has only lost two fights in 60 appearances in the ring. He couldn’t beat Mayweather himself and, more recently, in 2022, with the Russian Dmitry Bivol.


340 million euros Baseball

Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers)

The Tennessee outfielder renewed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for this amount for twelve years. That 2020 he won the Major League Baseball World Series, two years after his first title. At 31 years old, reviewing his record is dizzying. He also has 1 MVP, 5 All Star, 3 Silver Bats and 4 Gold Gloves.


335 million euros Baseball

Aaron Judge (New York Yankees)

Nicknamed ‘The Judge’, the Californian renewed with the New York Yankees, with whom he debuted in 2016, this same year in exchange for this sum in nine seasons. He is also 31 years old and has another extensive list of trophies: 1 MVP, 5 All Star… he is the fastest to reach 250 home runs, he did it in 810 games. He made 62 in just one season, another record.


*630 million euros* Football

Kylian Mbappé (PSG)

The PSG footballer, always desired by Real Madrid, could earn the monstrous figure that would catapult him to first place if he extends his link with the club financed by Qatar until 2025. He renewed in 2022 and until 2024 he will pocket 72 million per season. With the French team he won the 2018 World Cup and was a finalist in 2022.

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