Madrid snatches the F1 GP from Barcelona – Start it, for God’s sake!

There are hours left for it to become official, for Madrid snatch a Barcelona one of its most important sporting events on the calendar, the gran award of F1.

From 2026 the capital, the urban circuit that will run through Ifemawill take over from Montmelówhich after several years of tug-of-war with the organization loses its appointment with F1, after three decades being a reference in this sport.

In this way, the push of Madrid and the immersive offer that has been offered to Liberty Media has convinced the speed circus to dress the streets of the capital as a circuit. But there will be more. Concerts, restaurants and leisure will accompany the competition in a model that is increasingly present in Formula 1, an immersive model, as the moderns would say, a Total Experience.

Although the organization of the event will be exclusively private, the support and effort that the different administrations regional They have done so that Madrid recovers Formula 1, after more than forty years since a race of this sport was held on the Jarama circuit.

The government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been directly involved in a project that consolidates Madrid as a tourism and leisure center throughout Spain. The economic impact will exceed half a billion euros each year the grand prix is ​​held in the capital.


As for the layout, it is a track completely urbana that runs along the roads that surround the Ifema Fairgrounds, the sports city of Valdebebas in Madrid and the area known for organizing the famous Festival Mad Cool.

Although it is not yet official, some of the details of the route have been leaked to the press. We already know that the finish line would be located in the Via of Dublinfrom there after turning at one of the roundabouts next to the M40you will face a second straight road to the M11. It will be in this area, where Mad Cool is now celebrated, where the slowest and most twisty area will be drawn, with banking included.

The intermediate sector of the route is expected to be the most spectacular, thanks to the fact that the cars will return to the fairgrounds through a narrow tunnel, now pedestrian, that runs parallel to the fields of the Real Madrid Sports City in Valdebebas. And they say, the best is at the end. For the first time in F1, the cars will go through a enclosure cerradopavilions twelve and fourteen of Ifema.

A circuit of just over cinco kilometres with many challenges for the organizers and for the city of Madrid itself, which will see several important communication routes into and out of the capital compromised.

Many details remain to be known, such as whether the grand prix will remain the Spanish Grand Prix or will change its name.

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