Luca Marini Pursues His Own Path: Moving to Repsol Honda


Luca Marini explaining the reasons for moving to Repsol Honda. The Marinovich wants to escape the label of ‘Rossi’s little brother’ and start his own career without interference from The Doctor.

Marini and Valentino Rossi are 18 years apart in age. Even so, both of them chose to pursue the same career, namely becoming racers. Being compared to his older brother has become daily food for him.

The Italian racer chose to move to the factory Honda team to fill the place left by Marc Marquez, The Doctor’s eternal rival. In making his decision, Marini said he did not question their relationship and only focused on himself. He wants to escape from the shadow of ‘Valentino Rossi’ and make his own name.

“This is the last necessary step. This is my growth project as a MotoGP racer. Going to an official team is my dream and goal, for me it is a very normal thing, being Valentino Rossi’s brother for me there is no change,” Marini told Gazzetta , quoted Friday (1/12/2023).

Luca Marini moves to Honda. Photo: Instagram Luca Marini

His move from Mooney VR46 to Honda HRC caused a stir. Many questioned this decision, because moving to his brother’s eternal rival team was something the public considered unreasonable.

However, Marini said that he had consulted directly with Vale. It was explained that The Doctor never got in the way of seeking new fortunes. He actually supports his younger brother’s decision and regrets losing one of his favorite riders in the team.

“When the opportunity to replace Marc Marquez arose, Vale was the first person I contacted,” said Marini.

“We talked about it a lot, although it was obviously difficult to talk to him, because his role is as head of the manager and the team. He was torn between a huge opportunity to try to make it happen in every way, and knowing that we are a great team and it would be a shame to lose me,” he explained.

Rossi and Marini Photo: Getty Images/Mirco Lazzari gp

Luca Marini’s dream of wanting to defend the factory team has finally come true. The Urbino-born rider received a two-year contract from Honda.

“Going to the official team is my dream and goal, for me it is a very normal thing, being Valentino Rossi’s brother for me nothing has changed,” he said.

It will be interesting to see what Marini’s story will be like without Valentino Rossi in his team, will he be able to escape from the label of ‘Rossi’s little brother’ and make a name for himself in MotoGP.

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