LeBron James and the Revolution of the NBA Cup: A Path to Eternal Glory

The NBA Cup came to revolutionize the regular season. With the final between the Lakers and Pacers still to be played, the new tournament could be described as a resounding success. Dynamism, energy, competitiveness y playoff aura in November and December. For the viewer, a gift. For the players, a new objective.

That it is the first edition of a championship is always something special. History books will start the page with the first winner of all time and this one will be remembered for lifting the trophy. That is why, for the winners, it is an extra motivation. AND There is no winner in the NBA like LeBron. With an unmatched career, he wants increase your legacyhis greatness, on par with the best in history.

In a renewed roster, with great names and good supporting roles, the King is the leader on the track. When he is in tune, the aura of the team is different. Anyone would say that, 20 years after landing in the NBA, his physical form, his style of play and his passion were going to change. That’s because they don’t know the one from Akron.

LeBron James against Grayson Allen (Phoenix Suns) during the Cup quarterfinals

Few athletes in history have had his competitive voracity. Winner of four NBA championships (2012, 2013, 2016, 2020) y four MVPs of the competition (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013) y 19 times chosen for the All-Star, historically tied with Abdul-Jabbar. Who knew that, more than 14 years after getting his first, he would still be one of the best in the league.

Son 20 seasons above 20 points per gametwo decades of absolute dominance of the league, something we have never seen and that, probably, we will never see. With the physique of a twenty-something, LeBron feels increasingly comfortable. has picked up pace and, in this specific campaign, he is especially successful from the triple (38.7% shooting 5.5 per game).

The more mature and veteran version of a total player, perhaps the most complete in history, who knows how to compete and analyze the situation in each scenario. In a doubtful start for the Lakershas been the great lighthouse, along with a superlative Davis who opts to be defender of the year and leaves glimpses of the great dominator which has been in the last decade.

LeBron James, in high school (2003), before making the leap to the NBA

The Cup, a new illusion

The In-Season Tournament is here to stay. For some players, the financial incentive ($500,000 for winning the tournament), is the greatest motivation. For others, the fact go down in history. LeBron James and Anthony Davis would become lThe only players to win the NBA title and the Cup. On the visiting side, Jordan Nwora and Bruce Brown would fulfill this record.

Las Vegas will crown the best team. In front they will have some Pacers that have passed over Celtics y Bucks, the two big candidates for the title in the East. To put it in perspective, the Indiana star and new hot player in the NBA, Tyrese Haliburton, I was 3 years old when LeBron debuted in the league.

The motivation to achieve something new, to be the first in history to do so and to extend an unmatched legacy. LeBron faces the NBA Cup final with the illusion of a child who has just arrived in the best league in the world. From day one, he has been motivated to bring the title to Los Angeles. She wants to continue making history. She wants to continue drinking from the fountain of eternal youth.

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