Nick Kyrgios Embraces OnlyFans: From Tennis Star to Erotic Platform Star

Uploading hot pictures and videos to the erotic platform OnlyFans and cashing in handsomely for them is quite popular right now. Even with a sports star…

Tennis bully Nick Kyrgios (28) now wants to show his “intimate side” there.

Too much boredom with the “bad boy” of tennis? The Australian has been out of action since January due to several injuries. Kyrgios: “Doing OnlyFans was a clear case for me. They are revolutionizing social media and I wanted to be a part of it. Athletes can no longer only show themselves on the pitch or on the field, we also have to show ourselves online.”

And further: “I want to create, produce, direct and own content. That’s the future. I’ve been speaking directly to my fans for years and I know what they want to see.”

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In terms of sport, there was actually little for the Kyrgios supporters to admire. After knee surgery and a wrist injury, the tennis star dropped completely out of the world rankings in October for the first time since 2012. In the summer of 2022, the Australian was in the Wimbledon final.

And now nude videos of Kyrgios? The former world number 16. explains: “Of course it will be about tennis balls, tips and tricks and a look behind the scenes, but you will also get to see all the other sides of me. Games, tattoos, my intimate side – everything is there and I take the fans on the journey with me.”

He recently presented his latest XXL Pokémon tattoo. Kyrgios is considered a passionate gambler. Fans can now admire his Pokémon love on his back. Will there be more XXL tattoos at “OnlyFans”? Good news for all fans: the site will be freely accessible.

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One thing is also certain: at the beginning of 2024 he wants to attack again in a big way in his homeland at the Australia Open – as a tennis player. But with lots of OnlyFans fans behind us…

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