Juli Castro and Rodrigo Avellaneda had a hard setback in Bailando

The last couple of the night in the Dancingwas that of Julieta Castro y Rodrigo Avellaneda. In this sense, the duo returned to the track, after various fights with the members of the jury. Above all, because of the harshness that his parents maintained with Marcelo Polino. A few moments later, the couple entered the studio with a look, where they both wore striking jean overalls.

Later, the duo prepared to give their best when the music of Maria Becerra in it Dancing. In this aspect, the couple performed a choreography without many tricks or acrobatics. However, they had a dynamic and relatively synchronized rhythm. Finally, it should be noted that the performance lacked an order or linear logic in its execution.

The scores of Juli Castro and Rodrigo Avellaneda in Bailando

The first to give his opinion of the choreography of the Dancing was Angel de Brito: «It’s a trio that I like, they are powerful. Anyway, it seems to me that this pace is costing everyone. Perhaps, it is the music that is beautiful to listen to, we all like it, but it is difficult to find choreography with impact. The two of them dance incredibly. Until next time”, and ended up scoring a 6.

Posteriorly, Pampita starred in the returns in the Dancing: «Well, I didn’t like the theme they chose that much. It’s a personal thing, right? I kind of saw it as childish. Maybe, this show needs a little more polish. That thing with the motorcycle, there were like 2 choreos. Be careful with both of you dancing while looking at the camera, it’s good that you connect. “I need more chemistry with the couple,” she said while rating it with a 6.

In third place, Moriah Casan provided his observations in the Dancing: «I like you. A little more show, it turned out to be something very childish. For me it was in the middle », she emphasized with a 5. Finally, Aníbal Pachano He concluded with his secret vote: «I didn’t like it at all. What happens to me as a choreographer, putting a motorcycle for an insignificant meaning, makes no sense. In a look that is not consistent with a zamba scarf. Too much naive».


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