Judo Olympic Stars Share Their Skills and Medals on the Tigerenten Club!

Topic: Judo with the Olympic stars: “Hajime” in the Tigerenten Club! Olympic judoka Anna-Maria Wagner and Eduard Trippel show us how cool the martial art judo is. The two are among the best judo fighters in Germany and both won precious metal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Anna-Maria and Eduard show the audience and the judo kids from KSV Esslingen their medals and a few simple exercises for beginners. Judo comes from Japan and means “the gentle way”. Judo not only involves strength, but also very precise rules for politeness and respect. Nevertheless, Johannes may be thrown once or twice… In addition, the judo stars can be asked questions in the live chat of the KiKA quiz app, which, with a bit of luck, they will answer live in the studio. In the fight for the golden Tigerenten Cup, the frogs from Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Aalen compete against the Tigerenten from the Oswald-von-Nell-Breuning School in Rödermark. It’s about the golden tiger duck cup and a donation for the children’s aid campaign “Herzenssache”. It will be wet, fast and really fun! With the KiKA Quiz app, viewers can play along and collect points. Whoever is one of the best can win a small wooden tiger duck. Play live at the Tigerenten Club and guess – this is possible with the “KIKA Quiz App”. A small wooden tiger duck will be raffled off among the top scorers. Questions can be sent to the guest in the app and, with a bit of luck, they will be answered in the broadcast.

2023-12-23 06:13:04
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