Immerse Yourself in the World of Baseball with 3D Baseball Broken Wall Vinyls

Add the excitement of baseball to your walls with our 3D Baseball Broken Wall Vinyls! These decorative vinyls will immerse you in the exciting world of baseball, creating a unique and energetic atmosphere in any space.

Featured Features:

Stunning Three-Dimensional Effect: Immerse yourself in the excitement of baseball with a 3D effect that makes the players, field and pitches come to life on your walls. Every detail will transport you to the passion of this sport.
Simple Installation: Thanks to its high-quality adhesive, installation is quick and simple. You don’t need to be an expert in decoration. Simply select the desired location and place the vinyls.
Durability and Superior Quality: Made with high-quality, resistant materials, our vinyls are durable and easy to maintain, ensuring that your space retains its baseball charm for a long time.
Creative Customization: Design your own baseball scene. Place the vinyls according to your vision, creating a unique and passionate atmosphere that adapts to your decorative style.
Transform Any Space: Whether it’s a living room, a baseball fan-themed room, a relaxation corner or anywhere else, these wall decals will add a dose of excitement and vitality to any environment.
Ideal Gift for Baseball Fans: Surprise your friends or family who are passionate about baseball with a gift that will allow them to bring their love of the sport home. Perfect to give as a gift on any occasion.

The 3D Baseball Broken Wall Vinyls are the perfect choice to bring the excitement of baseball to your home. Make your walls tell stories of exciting matches and memorable plays. Get yours today and start living baseball at home!


The adhesive is made up of 3 parts
1.- Backing paper or silicone paper
2.- Vinyl Adhesive
3.- Mask
The mask is used to apply the adhesive to the desired surface.

These adhesives have no background, that is, once placed, the background is the surface where we have applied the adhesive.

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