Judo Bassin Aveyron Shines in Kata Events and Grade Changes

Judo Bassin Aveyron, with its emblematic trainer Rémi Géraud, once again distinguished itself among cadets and juniors in the kata events and grade changes to obtain the 1st and 2nd dan black belt. Nathan Géraud obtained the katas, i.e. the 5 series of Nage No Kata in Montauban. The recipient will long remember his intense good times, unforgettable sporting and family experiences with his father as both a coach and kata partner. Nathan thus opened the way to the doors for the 2nd dan which will undoubtedly lead to other ambitions, voluntary among his training teammates.

The next day, 4 JBA competitors went to Toulouse to gain points for the 1st and 2nd dan. Olivier Delmas wins the 1st dan black belt by winning the missing 30 points. This is the 12th black belt trained by the club. An article will be dedicated soon to honor him.

Arno Mouysset unlocks the counter by scoring 10 pts for his 2nd dan. First year junior, he had to fight against tough, more experienced and older judokas. It was a great experience to become mentally stronger. Nathan Géraud, still there, won 3 victories 30 points and 2 ties. He is only 3 points short of reaching the 100 points synonymous with validating the UV3 combat effectiveness test for his 2nd dan.

Lucie Guibert imitates her training teammate and friend Nathan, also achieving 3 victories and 27 points. Being halfway to the points, there is no doubt that she will end up obtaining the 100 points necessary to validate the uv3 during the next competitions.

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