“I don’t play golf for money, I play for the love of the sport”

Jon Rahm wanted to make public the reasons what have they done to him finally accept the offer to join LIV Golf leaving the PGA Toura competition that had been his most staunch defender until his departure to the Saudi circuit with a succulent and stratospheric new contract that will bring him some 550 million euros.

Rahm assured before the cameras of Fox News what “money is greatobviously it’s wonderful, but what I said before is true, I don’t play golf for money, I play for the love of the sport.», adding that «but as a husband, as a father and as a family man, I have the obligation to give my family the best opportunities and as many resources as possible. And that’s where that comes in. Money, obviously, is and has been an important factor in this decision.but there are many other things, as I mentioned before, that make it so exciting.

For the Biscayan golfer, there is other factors apart from the purely economic that have been key in its march to the Saudi circuit: «The love of the game and wanting grow in a global marketbe part of the team, be captainI hope to be leader For my colleagues, it is something that is so special that it makes me want to work even harder than I have done until now.

In the same interview, Rahm put it as example to the team of his loves, the Athletic Clubwhen referring to its objective of create hobby to golf among Spanish children: «Being European I grew up being an Athletic Bilbao fan, I hope that Spanish children in the future grow up wanting to be part of the team we are building. It is something that, I hope, we will be related to for a long time.

The final decision to accept the LIV Golf offer has surprised everyone and everyone since, it should not be forgotten, Jon Rahm was one of the golf professionals most critical of the saudi super league, as he stated in June 2022: «I don’t think it is the best for me and my future in golf. The best legacy I can achieve is on the PGA Tour,” reasoning that in reality, his intention was “to play against the best in the world in a format that has existed for hundreds of years. Will my lifestyle change if I receive 400 million dollars? No, it won’t change one bit. “I could retire right now with what I’ve earned, live a very happy life and never play golf again.” Eighteen months laterthese words have gone viral again on Twitter, where many fans accuse him of having buried its principles the basis of petrodollars.

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