Biathlon: Gandler and Juppe impress in the sprint

Biathlon: Gandler and Juppe impress in the sprint

Landmark Tandrevold relegated the Swede Elvira Öberg (+4.9) and the French Justine Braisaz-Bouchet to second and third place. For the Norwegian, it was the second World Cup victory of her career after winning the mass start in Östersund in 2021. “It was very good today. I’m very happy, especially with the shooting. I worked hard and was very relieved after the ten goals,” said Landmark Tandrevold in an ORF interview.

Gandler, the best Austrian, performed flawlessly at the shooting range, but struggled while running. “The shooting went well today, so I earned a chocolate from the coach, which is always available for zero-zero. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough when running, Hochfilzen is always tough because it always goes up and down. But I got all the lactate out of my body and now everything hurts. But I’ll get everything out of it again tomorrow,” Gandler said in an ORF interview after the race.

APA/AFP/Joe Klamar Juppe showed a good sprint performance at the home World Cup in Hochfilzen

“Special day for me”

Her teammate Juppe also left the shooting range without any mistakes and was very satisfied after the race: “Today is a special day for me. It’s the first time I’ve managed to get through with zero shooting errors. Brilliant. After last week’s results, I didn’t even expect the chase to end. I managed it solidly and now I’m really looking forward to the pursuit. The atmosphere here is great and it will definitely be even cooler tomorrow.”


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Lisa Hauser, meanwhile, fell short of expectations. The Tyrolean ended up in 41st place with two shooting errors, around two minutes behind. “It’s a shame if it doesn’t work, especially in Hochfilzen. But it was fun because there were so many people cheering me on along the route. I had goosebumps as I ran away. I just made mistakes at the shooting range. “You have to learn from that,” said the 29-year-old. Tamara Steiner came 36th with one penalty in prone (+1:54.2). Kristina Oberthaler just managed to qualify for the pursuit in 57th place.

Replacement weakened ÖSV men have no chance

Meanwhile, the weakened Austrian men have clearly missed the top spots. David Komatz, who was suffering from back problems, hit all the targets, but lost a lot of time in the 10 km and came 19th, 1:22 minutes behind. Felix Leitner also got through without a penalty, but in 29th place he was more than a minute and a half behind the winner Tarjei Bö.

ORF timetable

12:15 p.m.: 12.5 km men’s pursuit *
2:45 p.m.: 10 km women’s pursuit *

11.30 a.m.: 4 x 7.5 km men’s relay **
2.15 p.m.: 4 x 6 km women’s relay *

* live in ORF1
** live in ORF Sport +

The Norwegian won ahead of his compatriot Sturla Holm Laegreid, who also made no mistakes. With third place (one mistake), the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson took the lead in the overall World Cup. It was Bö’s 13th individual success; he last won a sprint in Hochfilzen in 2011. “I have many good memories of Hochfilzen. It’s difficult to win, so I enjoy every win,” said Bö.

Patrick Jakob, who started as the third ÖSV representative after the illness-related absences of Simon Eder and Magnus Oberhauser, missed the pursuit of the best 60 on Saturday by a long shot in 90th place. Eder had to miss the game at short notice due to a sore throat. Since he is also questionable for the relay on Sunday, the ÖSV will nominate a replacement from the IBU Cup team.

Komatz with back problems

Komatz, who underwent disc infiltration on Tuesday, struggled through the sprint with disc problems. “I am satisfied with the shooting performance. A zero is not that easy. That was the basis for an appealing result,” said Komatz in the ORF interview. “The spectators cheered us on. It’s always fun to run at home. I’ve been having problems with my back for some time now, I have to find out whether I can compete tomorrow or whether I’ll take it easy for the relay.”

Leitner also didn’t feel completely fit: “It felt physically laborious on the cross-country ski trail, it was a tough race. I had to fight, especially on the third lap. That’s why I’m glad that at least there was a zero when shooting and that I got a good position. This means I can attack again tomorrow.”

Sprint in Hochfilzen

Women’s Sprint (7.5 km): 1. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold NOR 20:59.9 0* 2. Elvira Öberg SWE + 4.9 1 3. Justine Braisaz-Bouchet FRA 19.7 1 4. Lena Häcki-Groß SUI 20.0 1 5. Lisa Vittozzi ITA 24.4 0 6. Karoline Offigstad Knotten NOR 40.4 2 7. Julia Simon FRA 44.2 1 8. Anamarija Lampic SLO 54.0 3 9. Anna Magnusson SWE 54.7 1 10. Jessica Jislova CZE 57.7 0 11.

Anna Gandler





Anna Juppe





Tamara Steiner





Lisa Hauser





Kristina Oberthaler




* Shooting errors = penalty laps

Men’s Sprint (10 km): 1. Tarjei Bö NOR 24:37.5 0 2. Sturla Holm Laegreid NOR + 4.9 0 3. Sebastian Samuelsson SWE 10.0 1 4. Martin Ponsiluoma SWE 18.4 1 5. Johannes Dale-Skejvdal NOR 19.2 2 6. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen NOR 26.5 1 7. Benedikt Doll GER 31.1 1 8. Tommaso Giacomel ITA 33.1 0 9. Johannes Kühn GER 40.1 1 10. Eric Perrot FROM 43.9 1 19.

David Komatz





Felix Leitner





Patrick Jakob





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