Handball H-League Players Setting New Speed Records

Ha Tae-hyun (SK Hawks) selected as ‘Cannon Shooter’ with 105 km/h
Badminton smashing, new record of 565 km per hour
Moon Dong-joo (Hanwha) becomes the first KBO league player to hit 160.1 km/h


In baseball, the speed of the ball pitchers throw is always expressed, but what about other sports?

The Handball H-League, which opened last month, also began measuring players’ shooting speeds, and there were several instances of ‘cannon shots’ exceeding 100 km/h.

This is reporter Kyungjae Lee.


Handball has the appeal of a fierce physical fight like basketball and a cool shot like the spikes of volleyball.

What is the speed of shots thrown by players in handball?

In the H-League, which opened last month, all players’ shooting speeds were measured to make the game more interesting.

Shots exceeding 100 km/h were occasionally recorded, and SK Hawks’ Ha Tae-hyun, who shot this shot at 105 km/h, was selected as the first cannon shooter.

[하태현 / SK호크스 : 웨이트(트레이닝)도 열심히 하고, 먹는 것도 잘 먹고, 상대방 골키퍼가 저희 코스를 잘 알고 있기 때문에 타이밍을 뺏으려고 강하게던지기도 하고요…]

Jeong Soo-young of the Incheon Urban Development Corporation, the representative face of men’s handball, took second place with a long shot of 104 km with a light step.

The deceptive move was followed by Doosan’s Kim Yeon-bin’s shot that turned 180 degrees and Hanam City Hall’s Park Gwang-sun’s thunderous mid-distance shot that left the goalkeeper frozen.

The world of sports where speed determines the outcome.

Badminton smashing, which is said to be the fastest among all sports, set an astonishing record of 565 km/h last April, and professional baseball rookie of the year Moon Dong-ju garnered a lot of attention by exceeding 160 km/h for the first time in the KBO League last April.

The leading goal scorers of the handball H-League are also fiercely competing in speed to improve their team’s performance and capture the attention of fans.

This is YTN Lee Kyung-jae.

Video Editing: Youngwoon Yang
Graphics: Ji Kyung-yoon

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