Galapagar Athletes Shine in Latest Tennis and Archery Tournaments

The Galapagar sports clubs have achieved great success in the latest sports tournaments and once again highlight the high level of the athletes of our municipality.

05/12/2023: The Marcelo Escudero municipal sports center has witnessed the achievements achieved by Galapagar athletes in the latest tennis and archery tournaments held at the facilities. The excellent results achieved by the sports clubs of our municipality demonstrate once again the value of Galapagos athletes.

The Elite Tenis Galapagar federated tennis tournament has been held for three weekends in a new edition that once again puts our municipality at the top of Madrid’s tennis scene. 140 participants from various parts of Spain attended the tournament and faced each other in matches at the highest level. In the junior category, the player from Galapagos, Oriol Larriba, has been proclaimed champion after winning a great tournament and winning a disputed final in which he displayed all his level of play to win.

On the other hand, the 2nd round of the Madrid Indoor Championship (RAUS) and the V Centenario Trophy of CDE Arqueros 10 of Galapagar archery was a complete success in terms of participation. With a representation of 14 archers, the Galapagar Archery Club won a total of 10 medals, of which four were gold. The 4 gold medals came from Belén García, Fernanda Domínguez, Nuria Terroba and Miguel Rubio. For their part, Carlos Cuesta and Estíbalez Domínguez went home with silver medals; while Juan Luis Albandea, Javier Álvarez, Maika Rubio and Bárbara Ovejero achieved their respective bronze medals.

Furthermore, in the second line of shooting of the Regional Matchday of the Indoor League A held at the Colmenar Viejo Archers Club, the Galapagos goalkeeper, Juan Irureta, won the gold medal to close with a total balance of 11 medals, 5 of them gold.

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