Emotional Celebrations and Gratitude: José Sosa’s Return to Estudiantes

12/14/2023 14:37hs.

It was a special title for José Sosa. Because at 38 years old he is still valid, because he returned to the club to give it that push he needed to achieve another star and because it was, in some way, a reliving of what he had felt in the 2006 Apertura, when with a goal from him, Estudiantes He won that tiebreaker against Boca. For this reason, he celebrated this conquest in a particular way. Also, for the good personal and sentimental moment that one of the figures of the Argentine Cup champion is experiencing.

First, on the court, he celebrated with his girlfriend, Camila Homs, a Bailando participant and Rodrigo De Paul’s ex. There, the steering wheel clicks, he lived an affectionate moment with his partner, who dedicated “I love you” to him, something that he later wrote on his networks. “Love of my life, what happiness. Enjoy it, you deserve it very much. I love you with all my heart,” Cami posted, with a photo together.

But then, already at the celebrations at the Municipality, Sosa met Juan Sebastián Verón, the vice president of Estudiantes, with whom he has a great relationship. In fact, the Witch was one of those who always tried to get the Principle to return to the club, even before she did (it was only last year). And there, another emotional moment occurred.

When they greeted each other in the Municipality of La Plata, where the celebrations continued into the early morning, Sosa expressed his gratitude to the leader, who won the first title of his administration with this Argentine Cup. “I love you very much, friend,” he told him, in a video published by the club.

Before, in a mixed zone, the former midfielder for Bayern Munich, Napoli, Atlético de Madrid and Milan, among other teams, spoke about Verón’s influence on his career. “I have a message from him, he must be crying like crazy. He doesn’t need to win anything else. For me, Sebastián is everything. I always said it. In addition to being an idol of the club, he helped me not only as a footballer but as a person. Before he returned to the club in 2006, when he came on vacation and trained with us, he always spoke to me. “I am grateful for everything he gave me,” said the midfielder, who won his second star with Pincha.

Verón always wanted Sosa in Estudiantes.
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