Creating the First Archery Dictionary for the Deaf in Argentina: A Success Story

Some time ago they taught an archery course in sign language in the city of Chajarí, with the participation of interested parties from all over the country. It was dictated by the deaf archers Matías Amarillo and Rodolfo Ramírez, natives of Gualeguaychú and Salta, but who have lived in Chajarí for many years.

Matías and Rodolfo noticed that there was no material in the country that explains the sport for the deaf, so they took the initiative and decided to create the first archery dictionary for the deaf, in Argentina.

Julieta Sirtori, who at the Ferrocarril Club has been teaching archery to the deaf and one to the blind for three years, told RADIO CHAJARI that they contacted them from the WariAwqali club in Lima (Peru), from where they asked for advice on holding an archery tournament. archery for the deaf. With the help of the three Chajarienses and the dictionary, the tournament in Lima became a reality, it was a success and 11 people participated.


Sirtori recalled that the first archery school for the deaf was created at the Chajarí Railway Club, which is a source of pride for them.

In addition, it was achieved that the AA2 category was created at the provincial level and next year, it could be implemented at the national level.

Part of the Tournament dictionary in Lima
2023-12-04 22:17:05
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