Champions: Benfica-Inter 3-3; highest social win ever – Football

Inter’s incredible and historic comeback, trailing 3-0 at half-time, against Benfica in the Champions League made not only the Nerazzurri fans rejoice.

The draw of Inzaghi’s team on Portuguese soil was decisive for the purposes of a Multiple, suggested by an expert from the Sisal community, which was copied by 9,000 customers with a win equal to approximately 100 times the stake. The selected matches ranged from Serie A to the Premier League and the Champions League. Wednesday’s was the biggest social win ever, having delighted 9,000 sports fans: a prestigious result for the community that improves on the one already achieved in June when over 6,000 people celebrated.

It wasn’t easy to believe it until the end: in fact, around 2500, when asked the fateful question “do you stop or go forward”, preferred to use the Cash Out, collecting the winnings and among these 850 “exited” during the match between Benfica and Inter. For everyone else, the joy of celebrating the Nerazzurri’s draw.

This result is part of the “Share your talent” strategy of Sisal, the first betting operator to create a social betting platform: Tipster. Sisal users thus have the opportunity not only to share their games, as happened in the sports bar tradition, but also rely on experts who animate the community. In this particular circumstance, many followed the advice of one of them and rejoiced at a truly important win. Competition, collaboration and a sense of belonging are the characteristics that distinguish the Sisal Tipster community.

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2023-12-01 09:12:53
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