Bayern Munich’s Push for Autumn Championship and Champions League Success Amidst Extreme Weather

Only the snow in Munich prevented us from reaching the top…

Because Bayern’s game against Union was canceled due to the extreme weather, Bayern was unable to capitalize on Leverkusen’s draw and remains in second place behind Alonso’s team. But Bayern is keen to change that.

Thomas Müller’s (34) motto: “So rock ‘n’ roll again, the autumn championship is the clear goal.”

The world champion writes in his newsletter about the time until Christmas: “We are currently in a very exciting phase of the season. Not because the prizes are currently being distributed. But because the constellation poses more danger than many people believe. You may be familiar with this: the holiday is approaching, some of your suitcases are already packed, but at the same time everyday life is going on. For us it’s about the bare points in the championship. When we get this thing at the end, no one will remember this time. But I know from experience that we now have to mobilize all our strengths again to finally get to the top of the table. I will consciously pay attention to this tension and, if necessary, counteract it.” That’s why rock ‘n’ roll now…

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In addition to the championship, Müller also wants to attack in the Champions League – in the last game in Manchester and then in the knockout games in the spring: “At the same time, in professional football, we are of course always looking forward. Past successes are of little use to us in the next game. It means pushing yourself to your limits again and delivering a great performance. So I’m looking forward to the game at Old Trafford. We will end the Champions League year with a clean performance. The heroic deeds will then take place in the spring.”

Thomas Müller in a good mood in the snow

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They also hope that the clean performance will be shared by their group opponents Galatasaray Istanbul – their coach had just complained about Bayern’s 0-0 draw against Copenhagen…

Müller is particularly excited about the home European Championships next summer: “As a football fan, I can say: What could be nicer! Since I was a child, every tournament has been an absolute highlight for me, whether as a fan or a player. Nevertheless, among all the successes, one thing stands out and that is the 2006 World Cup. Because it was in our own country and this created more than just enthusiasm for football during this time. Namely the interpersonal aspect. In my opinion, a new level has emerged between people in Germany, which has been good for the country. It was just more than football.”

Teammate cleans the shoe Kroos takes 10 opponents out of the game!

Source: Image / DAZN December 5th, 2023

Müller continued: “I found that to be extremely positive and so I’m happy that there will be a chance for something similar again next year. We played a good tournament back then, that was definitely a factor. That’s why, as players, our focus is of course one hundred percent on making the next game successful. We will give everything for this. I’m definitely looking forward to the tournament and hope that it will be a wonderful event for people in Germany and around the world.”

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