Barça’s Woes: A Detailed Look at the Struggles of FC Barcelona

12/14/2023 Act. at 12:58 CET

Worry. Logic. Barça has not finished raising its head. He is not dominant, he does not play attractive football in most of his games. It is not capable of generating and being vertical. And, on top of that, they have lost the defensive reliability that last season led them to win the League title three years later.

There have been meetings (phases of meetings rather) in which it has been found. The first hour against Atlético de Madrid was quite good. And it seemed like it could mean a kind of starting point. But after the debacle against Girona and last night’s setback in Belgium, the state of alarm has been reinstated. Things don’t ‘furulate’.

The feeling is that it is a choral problem. Of mental stiffness. Of tension and in a certain way of confusion among the footballers on the green. Just like against Girona, the duel against Antwerp left situations of major errors in the marks, of the players not knowing what space to occupy or how to execute certain automatisms.


Once this problem with collective roots has been recognized for which Xavi is responsible. AND he himself has recognized it. The poor performance of some footballers must be noted. Many of them have proven to be of TOP level in other clubs or in Barça itself, but their poor performances are also affecting the group.

The easy thing is to aim for Oriol Romeu The one from Ulldecona was quite affected and in Belgium he proved to be emotionally ‘screwed’. He made two big mistakes that cost two goals. Two inappropriate plays for a player of his level. And we didn’t see him do it all last year in Girona. Not even in England.

What about Oriol is something obvious. After a good start, he has plummeted. But then we must also highlight Alejandro Balde’s downturn. Untouchable last year, he has taken a step back. Maybe because it is there now and doesn’t appear. And when he had unleashed his jar of essences it had been coming from behind, by surprise. At his age and with his short experience it is not a worrying case. He has a huge road ahead of him.


But then it is undeniable that Lewandowski is not the same as last year. The numbers say it (he has only nine goals to 18 last season at this point) and also the feelings. The gestures. The fuss. He has many fewer chances, the team is not able to connect with him.

It’s not fine either Jules Koundé after a good first section of the course. Making gross mistakes, losing duels (like the other day with Valery). Little forcefulness. Christensen, pure reliability last year, is also showing shortcomings. Attention, tactics (like in Girona’s first in Montjuïc).


And then other cases. Raphinha remains unexplored and without being definitive. Joao Félix has performed in great spurts, on specific days. A ‘scourge’ that has been affecting him throughout his career. He must find that regularity, be able to maintain hunger always. His scoring contribution is low for what is expected of him.


Frenkie de Jong also showed shortcomings in terms of defensive attention against Girona. And under tension. Miguel Gutiérrez was free to play on the inside and in some repetitions the Dutchman can be seen too ‘relaxed’. In reality, few players are performing to their full potential.

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