Yongsan-gu, Seoul Opens Hyochang Badminton Court and Small Park for Residents

Panoramic view of Hyochang badminton court. Provided by Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Yongsan-gu, Seoul (Mayor Park Hee-young) opened Hyochang Badminton Court (288-1 Hyochang-dong) and Hyochang 6 Small Park (288-2 Hyochang-dong) to residents since the 22nd.

Hyochang Badminton Court and Hyochang 6th Small Park were newly created through donations from the Hyochang District 6 Housing Redevelopment Project (Yongsan Desi En Foret) to promote leisure activities for residents and revitalize sports infrastructure.

Hyochang Badminton Court is a public cultural and sports facility with an area of ​​814.6㎡, equipped with one badminton court, exercise equipment, pergola, and benches. Hyochang 6 Small Park is a 708.5㎡ green space decorated with rest facilities, exercise space, and lawn space, and is always open to residents.

The district plans to continue to maintain and manage the newly built small sports facilities and small parks so that local residents can use them safely and comfortably. In addition, the plan is to check user inconveniences after opening and improve any shortcomings.

Yongsan-gu Mayor Park Hee-young said, “There is a growing demand for the expansion of sports facilities for health promotion and leisure use,” and added, “We will systematically utilize donation collection facilities so that residents can be the biggest beneficiaries of various development projects being carried out in Yongsan.” .

Meanwhile, donation acceptance means receiving relaxations in regulations such as floor area ratio when promoting private development projects, and installing and providing public facilities and infrastructure to the public in return.

2023-11-29 02:32:38
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