Used Bushnell Speedster V Speed ​​Gun with Warranty Included – Hardball Baseballs for Independent Practice

[Warranty included]Bushnell Speedster V Speed ​​Gun Bushnell
100 hardball baseballs. I used it for independent practice such as tee batting, long tee, and knocking. There are some balls with slight thread fraying and cracks, but they can be used for knocking and catch balls. *Please purchase only if you are able to receive and evaluate the item promptly. *We accept price reduction negotiations. (Other people can purchase even during price reduction negotiations. First come, first served❗️) #Baseball #Ball #Hardball baseball #Hardball baseball #Tee batting #Long tee #Practice use #Practice ball Category: Sports/Leisure>>>Baseball>> >Other product conditions: Scratches and stains Shipping fee burden: Shipping included (paid by seller) Shipping method: Sagawa Express/Japan Post Shipping region: Undetermined Number of days until shipping: Shipped in 1 to 2 days
2023-11-22 07:23:42
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