Tips for running clothing in cold, wet and dark conditions

Jogging in winter can be a lot of fun – but only with the right clothing. Image: picture alliance / Martin Ley

A run can be a lot of fun despite the cold, wet and dark, but only with the right equipment. Joggers should follow a few tips when choosing clothing to avoid serious mistakes.

There are many good reasons to jog in winter too. With the right clothing it’s not just fun. Those who exercise a lot stay healthy in the cold season. Fresh air and light keep us fit and make us happy. We strengthen our immune system and get our circulation going.

Such a winter run should be slow but challenging. If you could carry on a conversation while running, you’re right. This trains basic endurance and avoids excessive sweating. We can’t prevent ourselves from sweating, but we can dress appropriately – ideally according to the onion principle.


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