The opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: Waiting for the gifts

But the days and weeks go by and there is still nothing clear about what is going to happen and, above all, if the institutions are really going to support with determination (come on, what has been the money) and conviction that the greatest spectacle of the ” fúrgol” make a stop in the Gijón of the soul. All of this in the middle of a week in which Sporting de MAR continues to be happy while waiting for Amorebieta not to stop the pee.

Meanwhile, 28 kilometers away, Oviedo continues to look for a way to increase its scoring efficiency without losing its defensive strength, with numbers that are on track to break some of those records controlled by the “van” statisticians. Carrión already said when he replaced the Admiral that the good things of the previous stage had to be maintained. And they are in the blue house, waiting for the transfer market for Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men to open. Something is sure to fall on both sides of the Potomac. What remains to be seen is if what they bring will leave everyone happy, which remains to be seen, oyisti, dude?

2023-11-08 23:10:53
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