The hope of the Moma Bikes Raid Team before a new adventure in the Dakar

win a Dakar it is not available to everyone. You have to be special, that’s why. And if you get it next to the person you love, even more so. the pilots John Morera i Lidia Ruba they have been together for over two decades. The couple won in the category classic of last year, behind the wheel of one Toyota of the team Moma Bikes Raid Teamwhich they presented today, to the dealership Porsche of the’Gironès space, the Porsche 959 from 1986 with which he will compete in this year’s edition. The Classic category, of which only four editions have been contested, is made up of legendary cars of this prestigious test: it does the same stages as the rest, but with old cars that had competed in the Dakar. The second vehicle is for the French Frédéric Larre i Jérémy Athimon.

“We are very happy for the victory. We have had no mechanical problems. We have double prize at home because they give prize to the pilot and co-pilot. This is not usually normal, because they don’t usually live together”, explained Ruba, between laughs, in January of this year, days after his first victory in the Dakar was official. Morera and Ruba led the test from the second stage and did not let go of the first position at any time.

The reliability of the car was one of the keys to a victory that confirmed the step forward starring the Moma Bikes Raid Team. In their first participation they managed to reach the end without breaking the FIAT Panda. It was already a success, nothing comparable to what was experienced at the beginning of 2023, with the triumph with Toyota.

Far, but also close, the 2022 edition remains for the couple. “We’re going on a trip,” said Morera to Ruba, who was stunned. “Yes? Where are we going?” “At the Dakar”. “If I had asked him, he would have said no”, said Morera in reports after the first feat.

Who knows if they will be able to repeat in this edition, the first with Porsche. It will not be because there is no hope. Nor for not having love. That’s why it won’t be either.

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2023-11-29 20:17:04
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