Taylor Rapp’s Scary Injury: A Frightening Moment for the NFL

He collided with a teammate and had to be removed by ambulance: the injury that scared the entire NFL

American football is characterized by having high-risk impacts in each of its games and that is why the large amount of protection for each of the players is essential for the sport to develop in the healthiest way possible. However, the protagonists are never completely exempt from one day suffering an injury and that same thing happened to Taylor Rapp during the match between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets at Highmark Stadium.

The second quarter was minutes away from ending when hearts stopped when they saw the visiting player on the ground. The Bills player ran at him from behind and, when making the tackle, lowered his center of gravity with his shoulder. What he never expected is that cornerback and teammate Taron Johnson arrived on the exact opposite side. Once they caught the Jets member, they both butted heads but Rapp bore the brunt of it, as he remained face up on the floor.

In replays of the broadcast, Taylor’s right shoulder and helmet collided with Hall’s helmet as the runner prepared for impact. After the collision, the player took a few steps towards the Bills sideline, pulled on the side of his left shoulder pad and immediately called a trainer. The team’s first reaction was to run towards Johnson, who was able to stand up and automatically head towards the locker room with the physical trainers.

The image that had a national impact in the United States (Photo: USA Today)

After a few minutes, an ambulance entered the field, they took off Rapp’s mask and tied him to a stretcher. The player was seen flexing his left hand as he was being lifted, a sign that gave peace of mind to everyone present. CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson reported at the beginning of the third quarter that Taylor remained in the locker room and was not taken to the hospital. Hours later he was officially released with a neck injury while Johnson was out of the game with a concussion.

The broadcast cameras showed Damar Hamlin, a substitute for the duel against the Jets, watching the scene on the verge of tears from the sideline. It is worth remembering that this player suffered cardiac arrest against the Cincinnati Bengals in January and joins running back Damien Harris, who was put in an ambulance after receiving a hit from Bobby Okereke on Sunday Night Football. The Bills member spent the night in the clinic with a neck injury and has since been listed as injured.

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