Stade Français: players and staff members sanctioned after a night out and an altercation in Pau

Already chaos at the Stade Français? While the Labit-Ghezal duo took office at the end of October with a team at the top of the Top 14, the Parisian club has lost three times in five matches since the end of the World Cup. But the worst is elsewhere, since an extra-sporting affair has apparently polluted the discreet life of the Pink Soldiers in recent days. According to information from L’Equipeseveral players from Stade Français and members of the staff would have left without authorization after the heavy defeat in Pau (30-6), last Saturday evening.

In detail, a group of ten people, with eight players and two staff members, would be affected by this unauthorized outing. They wanted to take advantage of leaving Pau only the next day to treat themselves to a trip to the city, especially as they had just finished a week-long course in the Pyrenees. Twice they were refused permission to leave, before finally fleeing without authorization. They were finally spotted, notably due to an altercation which allegedly took place between a Stade Français player and a member of the Section Paloise staff during this nighttime outing. The latter was reportedly hit in the face and is considering filing a complaint.

A layoff in sight?

After learning of the events, the Parisian club chose firmness. The main people concerned were summoned at the start of the week for an interview with their manager Laurent Labit. Warnings, fines, suspensions and perhaps a layoff up to and including dismissal for the player at the origin of the altercation would have been issued. The general director of Stade Français Thomas Lombard had not yet responded to our request this late Wednesday afternoon.

A first matter to manage, therefore, for the Labit-Ghezal duo, who would have done well without it. On a strictly sporting level, the results remain generally satisfactory for the time being. Stade Français is still in third place in the Top 14 but must negotiate the reception of Stade Toulousain in Jean-Bouin next Sunday.


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