Santi Aldama: From Residual Role to Fundamental Player in the Memphis Grizzlies

Santi Aldama is already a fundamental piece in the Grizzlies. He has earned the trust of a Taylor Jenkins who sees in the Canary a wild card, a versatile player, capable of playing with young and old, and who has become the big news in a team that, depleted by losses or not, is being the great disappointment this season.

The Spanish international has signed more than 10 points in six of the last seven games, including performances with 28 against Boston and 24 against the Lakers. He grows on the big stages, embraces the pressure and falls in love with the Tennessee public, who have already nicknamed him Slim Spain (delgado from Spain). The last good performance, the 11 points against Utah.

Ja Morant’s absence during the first 25 games of the season for inappropriate behavior off the court (he has now turned 17), and the long-term injury of a Steven Adams that he will miss the entire campaign makes Memphis’ options to compete impossible.

Santi Aldama goes to the basket against Grayson Allen

A necessary step forward

The third season in the NBA is usually key. The year in which players can define their role or what they can become. For Aldama, already adapted to the demanding pace of competition, it has arrived at the best time. Able to play with interiors like Jaren Jackson or sharing a track with Biyombothe canary is characterized by its versatility and intelligence.

Every time more comfortable, he dares from the outside, after dribble, setting and receiving blocks and, above all, without the ball, one of his specialties. His intelligence allows him to get ahead of the defense and always receive in a good position. Regarding his averages, the 14.6 points, 5.9 rebounds and an increasingly better 33.3% from three-point range indicate that he is living his best moment in the NBA.

Their residual role is now left behind, 21.8 minutes per match (now more than 26), and 9 points per game. He has always been characterized byr numbers with ease in little time on the court, but its importance now seems capital for Taylor Jenkins.

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