Oliver Batista Meier: From Loaned Out to Dynamo Dresden’s Potential Savior

When Dynamo Dresden plays at SC Verl on Sunday (1:30 p.m.), eyes will also be on him: Oliver Batista Meier (22)!

The playmaker was loaned to East Westphalia by the SGD in January 2023 until the end of the current season – because he did not get a chance in Dresden (contract until 2025).

Dynamo coach Markus beginning (49) said at the time: “Oli is a very big talent. But he has to see if he can get out of the talent status and assert himself.”

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Batista Meier achieved that in Verl – and how!

In the current series, the Lauter native is the measure of all things in the 3rd league: with nine goals and assists each, he leads the scorers list by a large margin.

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The former top talent from FC Bayern played a major role in Verl being undefeated in eight games and now climbing to third place.

To be honest: Dynamo could really use such a goal guarantor given their current weak finishes.

This is not wishful thinking! BILD learned from consultants that Batista Meier could be brought back during the winter break via a clause in the loan agreement.

The people of Dresden really can’t miss this opportunity. There are several reasons for this.

That’s why Dynamo has to strike

► On the one hand, the purpose of the loan has already been more than fulfilled: the professional, who was previously under the radar at Dynamo, got match practice and has shown a real explosion in performance.

► In addition, Batista Meier in his current form could be exactly the missing piece of the puzzle that is needed for promotion to the second division. Basically a free, top new addition.


► In addition, a return campaign during the winter break would avoid the risk of one of your own players making the competition strong in the fight for a promotion place.

Dynamo and Batista Meier: This could be a direct hit in the second attempt!

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