Nicolas Seube appointed as the new coach of Stade Malherbe Caen

Par Aline Chatel
Published on 30 Nov 23 at 8:49 updated on 30 Nov 23 at 10:41 See my news Follow Sport in Caen

His arrival is now official. At the start of the day on Thursday November 30, 2023, Nicolas Seube is the new coach of the first team at Stade Malherbe Caen (Calvados). However, we will have to wait for the traditional pre-match meeting, postponed to Friday December 1, 2023, to hear him speak about his appointment.

Still details to settle

The former captain of the Rouge et Bleu must take charge of the training session this Thursday, November 30, 2023. Scheduled for 10:00 a.m., the training has been postponed by thirty minutes. However, it is not excluded that a setback may appear, with a few contractual details remaining to be finalized between the future coach and his employer.

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Another arrival, another departure

The essentials have already been established. Nicolas Seube will sign a contract which will extend beyond the current season. His staff is a continuation of that of Jean-Marc Furlan (which was essentially that of Stéphane Moulin before him), with a new touch. Emmanuel Lepresle becomes the number 1 physical trainer. He worked at the training center until now. Benoît Pickeu, the president’s brother, will support him.

Patrice Sauvaget becomes number 2 again

If Denis Moutier leaves the staff he joined at the start of the season, probably to be transferred to the training, Patrice Sauvaget remains assistant. His knowledge of the group and his high-level experience can only be valuable for Nicolas Seube, with whom he maintains very good relations. Finally, the goalkeepers will always be coached by Eddy Costil.

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