Messi confesses to Zidane: “We all wanted to be like Maradona, but no one became like him”

The Argentinian Lionel Messi, Inter Miami forward, assured that when he sees the number 10 it always comes to him Diego Armando Maradona to the head. This is how he explained it in a conversation with the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane in Miami published this Thursday by Adidas.

“For us Argentines, 10 is a very special number, because you see 10 and Maradona comes to mind. We wanted to be like him, although later no one became like him, That was the desire. Maradona It was 10 and the player we admired,” Messi said in the long talk with the former Real Madrid player.

The hook

“I saw little of Diego, when he went to Newell’s In its final stage I was 6 or 7 years old and I don’t remember, just like the 1994 World Cup. I was little, I don’t remember much. Then I watched videos. He is our reference, our idol. For us, Diego is something very strong that will continue to be there for many more years, I have no doubt. My children know about Diego without ever having seen it, on video, from what we have,” he added.

Messi stated that he had a lot of appreciation for his compatriots Pablo Aimar or Juan Román Riquelme and he thought that the 10 is a position that has been lost in modern football.

“He missed a lot now. The position he had before reflected that he was the hitch, now with the 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, it is true that there are few left. Our 10, which characterized the Argentine 10, Riquelme, Aimar, there are few or none. 10 does not enter those systems or it is difficult to put it in. That’s why the training of those players was lost,” he said.

Without the 10 in PSG

Messi also recognized that when he was in the Paris Saint Germain suffered from not wearing the number 10 shirt. In France, by wearing Neymar That number, the Argentine chose number 30.

“When I was in Paris, I didn’t have the 10. I was used to using it, although I didn’t care and nothing was happeningYes, I really missed not having it. Then I got used to it, because I debuted at 30,” she said.

Messi also praised Zidane. “Tea I admire a lot, we were not lucky enough to play together, we did face each other a little. “Always respect and admiration for what you did and continued to do,” Messi said.

Praise for ‘Zizou’

“For me it is one of the greatest in history, I always admired him, I followed him a lot in Madrid, I suffered because I was from Madrid. He was always a different, elegant player. He had magic, he had everything. I remember the goal Leverkusenthe World Cup goals, roulette…”, he assured.

The Argentine also recognized that scoring goals in a World Cup “is always more specialfor what it means”, regarding scoring in the Champions League.

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