Matt Pokora Becomes an Investor in Strasbourg SIG: A Homecoming for the Singer

Matt Pokora is “in Alsace”!

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Matt Pokora invested in the Strasbourg SIG. He published a video on Instagram and X. Advice came from his “friend, Tony Parker”.

The singer, who lives partially in the United States, does not forget his hometown, and he proves it by investing in his basketball club, the SIG of Strasbourg.

“That’s it, we’re there. The adventure begin! I used to come here as a child to watch matches with my father. I had seen the Piétrus brothers before they left for the NBA!”, he says in a video published on Twitter/X, visibly happy.

An idea that did not come to him alone: ​​it was his “friend, Tony Parker”, who “advised him to do it in (my) city”.

What about money? “I’m not talking about money, but if the maximum ceiling was raised, it’s so that I put in more than 50,000 euros,” he adds.

A great investment which ensures him a position as “artistic director”. “I arrive with this energy and I want to communicate it to people. Whether we win or lose, I want the spectator to go home happy. I hope that we will see the first effects of all this at the start of next season,” he says.

A great project that will not fail to attract the attention of all its French fans!

2023-11-29 12:49:23
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