LIVE Virtus Bologna-Anadolu Efes 56-55, Euroleague basketball LIVE: it’s a real fight halfway through the third quarter

LIVE Virtus Bologna-Anadolu Efes 56-55, Euroleague basketball LIVE: it’s a real fight halfway through the third quarter


56-55 2/2 Shengelia.

Shengelia takes the tow to go to support receiving from Dunston, Zizic doesn’t hold it and is forced to foul. There are two free throws 5’09” from the penultimate siren.

54-55 Thompson scores a triple from a good eight metres.

Larkin looks for support, but Dunston stops him soundly!

54-52 2/2 Shengelia.

Willis tries to stop Shengelia on the shot, touches his arm as the Georgian turns: free.

52-52 Zizic supports without major problems with the use of technique and approach.

52-50 SHENGELIA FOR SMITH’S CUT! Easy support and a timeout called by Can.

50-50 Dunston leans against the glass and it’s tied with 7’10” left in the third quarter!

48-50 3/3 Belinelli.

Belinelli gets up for the three-pointer, Beaubois tries to block it, according to the referees it is a foul and there are three free throws.

45-50 Pair of free throws for Clyburn, who scores one.

45-49 Smith manages to beat Clyburn and support.

43-49 Jones still good near the basket.

43-47 Dunston sale a quota 12.

41-47 Unbalanced basket by Willis.

9.32pm The third quarter begins.

9.29pm Last stages before the start of the third quarter.

9.26pm At half-time, Barcelona-Panathinaikos 45-33 and Baskonia-Partizan 48-42 with Mannion left out of the 12 by Dusko Ivanovic, in favor of Chris Chiozza. Which, apparently, is seriously starting to be a name of adverse fate for Nico…

9.23pm One moment Shengelia.

9.20pm The summary of the first 20 minutes can be achieved like this: from 0-6 to 10-6, then the Belinelli-Dunston duo was opposed more than well by Beaubois. He and Clyburn are the true souls of Efes, who however were unable to ideally find a greater advantage at half-time. And this is a deal for the black Vs.

TOP SCORER – BOLOGNA: Belinelli 11; EFES: Beaubois 15

Dobric’s triple did not close the first half of the match, Efes finished ahead at half-time, but Virtus really managed to limit the damage a lot.

41-45 Shengelia’s correction to the basket with 40″ in the second quarter.

39-45 Central penetration by Beaubois who finds the two points.

39-43 Belinelli hits again, and does it from three!

36-43 1/2 Shengelia.

Shengelia tries to sow everything and everyone in the paint, bonus exhausted by Efes so Jones’ foul causes two free throws.

35-43 1/2 Clyburn.

Second foul by Dunston in the rebound battle against Clyburn, there will be two free throws with 2’35” until the second siren.

And there’s timeout on the field.

35-42 Cordinier for Dunston, now he is practically the only barrier to Efes’ fury.

33-42 Larkin starts from the left side and scores in support.

33-40 Cordinier’s foul arrives with the bonus exhausted against Clyburn, who scores 2/2 on the line.

33-38 Make the Zizic adjunct.

33-37 There is a basket by Zizic and there is also a foul by Dunston.

33-35 BELINELLI! Realization of rare difficulty, Cordinier finds him with his back to the basket and he practically shoots without looking!

Halfway through the second quarter.

31-35 Larkin creates the space for the winning conclusion.

31-33 Dunston again! Best match of the year so far for him!

29-33 DUNSTON! With the dunk directly from Cordinier’s throw who takes advantage of the lack of defense against him. Timeout called by Can with 6’02” left until halftime.

27-33 Smith comes out of the timeout very well with the triple, and then Pajola attacks Thompson, forcing him to lose before half court.

24-33 Bryant from three again, Banchi’s timeout arrives which will be used to try to stop the Turkish wave.

24-30 Create the Clyburn add-on.

24-29 Clyburn still manages to extricate himself like a cat in the middle of the paint, finds the basket and also Smith’s foul.

24-27 Beaubois takes revenge, this time sending Dobric out of phase and finding the triple.

24-24 Dobric sends Beaubois away with the feint, approaches slightly and finds the basket from six metres.

22-24 Pair of free throws delivered to Zizic, who scores both.

22-22 Prompt response from Smith.

20-22 Clyburn brings Efes back ahead with support.

20-20 Easy support from Beaubois.

The second quarter begins.

TOP SCORER – BOLOGNA: Shengelia 6; EFES: Beaubois 8

Lundberg misses the support, Mickey the correction, Black V ahead after the first quarter.

20-18 Easy dunk by Zizic.

20-16 2/2 Shengelia. It’s the second foul for Clyburn.

Shengelia tries to take the baseline again, this time he is sent to the line.

18-16 DUNSTON AGAIN! With the dunk!

16-16 Libero Beaubois after Dobric’s recovery attempt, triple.

16-13 SHENGELIA! He doesn’t care about Clyburn’s presence at all, he crushes him in the head with 2’40” to go before the end of the first quarter!

14-13 Beaubois takes advantage of a defensive misunderstanding by Virtus and supports.

14-11 Cordinier from the paint, but the real creator of the basket is still a very inspired Dunston.

12-11 Dunston magnificent for the new Juventus overtaking!

TV timeout arrives.

10-11 Jones finds the ball under the basket and manages to score it.

10-9 Shot in transition by Willis, surrounded by the Virtussini.

10-7 Larkin puts the turbo on, suffers the foul and goes to the line with two free throws: 1/2.

10-6 BELINELLI! After Dunston’s block on Thomspon he makes one of his own: fake and the man jumps, fake and a second one jumps, triple!

7-6 Rebound in attack by Dunston and support! Virtus has already had second shots three times.

5-6 The extra Shengelia makes a mistake, but Dunston takes the rebound and Belinelli is there, ready and waiting for a three!

2-6 Shengelia takes the baseline and leans against the glass, there is also a foul by Jones which is worth the extra.

0-6 Another triple, this time from Beaubois.

0-3 Efes immediately beats the zone with Larkin’s triple.

First possession Bologna.

8.30pm The Euroleague anthem plays and now it’s taproom!

20:28 QUINTETTI – BOLOGNA: Pajola Belinelli Cordinier Shengelia Dunston; EFES: Larkin Beaubois Thompson Willis Jones

8.27pm Immediately after the presentation, Shengelia was also awarded MVP of the month of October in the Euroleague.

8.24pm The presentation of the two teams takes place: now it’s time for Segafredo.

8.21pm Last ten minutes or less before the start!

8.18pm Final stages of the warm-up for the two teams, both with more than one stormy issue at the start of the season (Scariolo-Banchi in one case, Larkin issue in the other).

8.15pm The images of the Juventus arrival at the arena.

8.12pm Illness: This is why Daniel Hackett will not be at the match this evening.

20:09 Two other matches will be played at the same time as this one today: on the one hand Barcelona receives Panathinaikos, on the other Baskonia will have to challenge Partizan.

8.06pm Important evening for the Bianconeri, and not only for their arrival at the Segafredo Arena. Up until now, Efes has never managed to have its say against the leading teams at this stage of the season, and this undoubtedly benefits Banchi’s men.

8.03pm These are the 12 on the pitch today.

8.00pm Good evening everyone and here we are ready to get ready for this LIVE LIVE of the sixth round of the Euroleague between Virtus Bologna and Anadolu Efes.

The presentation – Milan-AS Monaco

Good evening to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the 6th round match of the Euroleague 2023-2024. Virtus Bologna returns to the Segafredo Arena and welcomes Anadolu Efes Istanbul in a match of no small importance for the rankings.

A somewhat particular situation regarding the Turks, who won the two most feasible home games, but when they found themselves facing the big teams (Olympiacos, Real Madrid and Barcelona) they didn’t exactly keep up. Tense environment since the beginning of the season also due to the events related to Shane Larkin, deprived of the possibility of playing as a Turk in Turkey after having “paid” for an absence in the national team considered to be the cause of the knockout at the Pre-Olympic. A fact, however, clearly created after the fact.

Three ex-Italian championship players return to the Segafredo Arena (after the usual interlude at PalaDozza, forced by scheduling reasons of the Bolognese exhibition pavilion that hosts it): Darius Thompsonwho by marriage also has Italian citizenship and was in Brindisi for two seasons, Tyrique Jonesin Pesaro in the 2021-2022 year, e Derek Willis, between Brindisi and Venice (2020-2021 and 2022-2023). To find out whether there will be or not Erkan Yilmaz this evening.

These are the words of Luca Banchi on the eve from the official website: “There is great anticipation for this race, we arrive on the emotional wave of four consecutive successes but with the awareness that we will be facing one of the candidate series for F4. Efes is a team that has achieved success more than any other in the last five years, winning two titles. Despite the change of coach and some new arrivals, it has a team structure and identity that will make it one of the protagonists. It will be a special evening, we will need a great performance: we will finally return to the Virtus Segafredo Arena and we plan to do it in front of a large audience. We hope it can be an exciting and engaging match, capable of giving our fans another joy and achieving a feat, because that’s what it would be when you find yourself facing teams of Efes’ talent and experience.“.

The Virtus Segafredo Bologna-Anadolu Efes tap-off will be raised at 8.30pm. Have fun with OA Sport’s LIVE LIVE!

Credit: Ciamillo

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