Liofilchem ​​Roseto Secures Fifth Consecutive Victory Against Andrea Costa Imola

Fifth consecutive victory for Liofilchem ​​Roseto, which overcame the resistance of Andrea Costa Imola within the friendly walls, thus remaining in second position, cohabiting with San Vendemiano, two points away from the leaders Ruvo di Puglia.

Coach Gramenzi recovers Captain Poletti and immediately places him in the starting five, with the hosts starting well, taking the lead to 16-10 in the 6th minute, but suffering the return of the guests, who impact the score at 16-16, before extending the lead with the baskets of Guaiana and Tamani and close the opening half at 21-16. In the second period, the triples of a wild Durante (5/5 for him from long range) allowed the first significant breakthrough to be made, with Liofilchem ​​taking the lead to 40-28, then returning to the locker rooms for the long interval at 41- 33.

At the start of the second half, coach Di Paolantonio’s team, highly applauded by its former audience before the tap-off, tries to reopen the match by coming back to -2 in the 25th minute at 50-48, but Santiangeli takes the lead with his long-range conclusions and precision on the line allows the Biancazzurri to extend their lead significantly, closing the third quarter at 67-53, and then securing the success at the start of the last quarter, reaching the maximum advantage of the contest at 83-62 in the 37th minute, before closing to the applause of a packed and celebrating PalaMaggetti at 83-68.

BASKETBALL ROSETO-ANDREA COSTA IMOLA 83-68 (21-16; 41-33; 67-53)

ROSETO: Durante 15, Maiga, Poletti 10, Dervishi, Donadoni 8, Guaiana 8, Tamani 9, Mantzaris 9, Klyuchnyk 6, Santiangeli 18. Coach: Gramenzi.

IMOLA: Drocker ne, Fazzi 9, Sorrentino 6, Aukstikalnis 21, Ranuzzi 4, Corcelli 8, Marangoni 6, Bresolin, Martini 4, Ronchini, Crespi 10. Coach: Di Paolantonio.

Referees: Bortolotto from Castello di Godego (TV) and Zanelli from Motta di Livenza (TV).

2023-11-19 23:22:51
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