Judo Returns: Building Community and Symbolism in Peschiera Borromeo

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Judo returns “Together” to Peschiera Borromeo.

The new annual course began in October, promoted by the Assieme association under the direction of maestro Emanuele Grazioli. This year too, participation is numerous, there are around 120 participants of all ages, from those taking their first steps in the world of sport to those who decide to learn a new discipline.

After years of experience in the sector, a new logo has appeared on the judogi (the typical ‘uniform’) of the master and educator Emanuele Grazioli. We asked Emanuele to tell us the deepest meaning.

«The logo – he said – was designed at my request by Michele Guerinoni of the Web Agency Linoolmostudio who gave his availability, despite having never practiced judo. The design is simple: there are two people bowing on a tatami, their heads become one and, in doing so, they create a house. The writing Naidō is composed of two logograms: 内 (Nai) 道 (Do). The first has the meaning “inside”, “house”, the second, which we know better, means “way”, “road”. The circle that surrounds everything is called Ensō, from Japanese Zen, and is also composed of two ideograms of which the first could be translated as “circle” and the second “together”. Each of us has the meanings, the possibilities, the explanations.”

Judo, like any sport, can be more than an aseptic physical activity, it can become a home, a community, where everyone is invited to have their own experiences on the tatami.

2023-11-23 17:22:06
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