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Former Colombian soccer player Iván René Valenciano, top scorer in the history of Junior de Barranquilla, was arrested in the American city of Weston for driving under the influence of alcohol, local media reported this Tuesday.

Valenciano spoke and clarified the issue after the accident that occurred in the United States in an interview with Blu Radio.
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What he said

According to the police report, the former player of the Italian Atalanta and the Mexican clubs Tiburones Rojos and Monarcas Morelia, was charged with “first offense for alcohol or drugs, damage to property of another or a person, and reckless driving.”

What happened. “We went out to eat with my family. Normal Sunday. I had a few drinks and on Monday I left the house and crashed. I went to court and got out of it,” she said.

What I had in the car. “I didn’t have drink bottles in the car. The alcohol level is not known. The Court decides and I was released on bail. I have to appear somewhere as proof. “They suspended my license for three months.”

Is it legal? “I have social security, a work permit. I have everything. My wife is an American citizen and I have the papers in order. I am legal and I have no problems. “I have been living here for more than five years and I don’t have those problems.”

Problems. “That happened around the corner from my house. But I want to clarify that I do not have those problems that they say on social networks.”

Keep drinking. “I don’t have problems with alcohol. I went out with my family and had a few drinks. That is normal. The mishap happened. I wasn’t training the children, that has nothing to do with it. I also didn’t go for training with the children.”

Alcoholism. “I stopped drinking for a while. I wanted to have a few drinks, at the time, have a good time. I made that decision, but it doesn’t have to change my life. “I left it for a while and am still building a life.”

Personal injuries. “They separate you immediately. He passed the incident and the police were there in a minute. They put me aside. I don’t know the people who had the accident. The police told me that they were going to take me to prison.”
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