Herrera teachers announce that they will remain in the streets; They wait for their withheld wages

The teachers of the province of Herrera assured that will remain vigilant that what is ordered by the Supreme Court and Justice and waiting for negotiations to begin with the Ministry of Education.

Despite the rain that fell on the region very early, the teachers gathered at the crossroads towards Pesé, a place that for more than They remained a bastion of fighting for 38 days to demand the unconstitutionality of the mining contract.

Now, the fight continues, although without closing roads, but to demand that withheld wages be paid to thousands of teachers during the past fortnight.

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According to the secretary general of the Herrerano Educators Association (AEHE), Ángel Mitre, the payment of these salaries is the main condition that they have imposed to begin the dialogue of end of strike with the Meduca authorities.

Miter pointed out that in a consensual meeting between the teaching unions, it was agreed that to start a dialogue with the government they first have to return the withholdings from salaries.

“This is a condition to be able to sit down and draw up the agreement to end the strike, a protocol that we have always done, since they discounted people who were not in the fight. Among them, teachers who are in administrative positions with terminal illnesses,” the leader indicated.

He emphasized that teachers have always been open to dialogue and assured that they will maintain their bastion of struggle by holding assemblies and dialogue with teachers until a satisfactory agreement is reached.

2023-11-29 20:48:44
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