Granada could have committed improper alignment in their Cup match against Arosa

He The Rose In the next few hours, he will challenge the match that he lost tonight against Granada (0-3), corresponding to the first round of the Copa del Rey, due to improper alignment of the Andalusian team.

Sources from the Galician club confirmed to EFE that they are already working on the challenge that will be presented to the Competition Committee of the Spanish Federation (RFEF) for the improper alignment of the goalkeeper Adri Lopez

The ownership of López, 24 years old and with a record with the Recreational Granada, would violate the RFEF regulations because it is a goalkeeper over 23 years old, registered in the B team, and who participates in a non-professional competition, as they include the Competition rules that are the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup and the Federation Cup.

“As a player with 24 years, with the status of goalkeeper from a subsidiary team, is not validly lined up because he is over 23 years old and because the Copa del Rey is a non-professional competition. For this reason, in the Cup the exceptionality of being able to align a goalkeeper with the condition under 25 years“federal sources informed Efe.

Paco López: “I don’t know who it belongs to”

Paco Lopezcoach of Granada, did not hide his surprise at the possible improper alignment. “I don’t have any news, I know what you know. This is an administrative matter, we won the game, which is what we had to do. That was our obligation, from there I can’t say anything else,” he commented at a press conference.

The Valencian coach recalled that the reserve team’s goalkeeper He already played last season the Cup tie against Yeclano and then “nothing happened”that’s why he doesn’t know what’s going to happen now.

They were discussing it in the locker room, but it really is a situation that I don’t know who it belongs to, honestly. Last year Adri was in the same situation, he was also sub25, he played in the Cup, we went through the qualifying round and there was nothing at all. I don’t know if this is a new regulation, or what’s going on, but this kind of thing is not my responsibility. “It’s an administrative issue,” he reiterated.

He assured that No one from the club informed him of this possible infraction as they did warn him that he had to have seven outfield players from the first team, “that’s why we were careful with that because we brought several players with a reserve team record, but I had no idea about this.”

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