Giada Valani and Universe Judo Club Prato Shine at 2023 Italian Master Championships

Prato, 29 November 2023 – Great satisfaction for everyone Giada Valani, which sometimes from the five versions of the Italian Master Championships and from the data on stage for Follonica, is added to the register of the F4/F8, 63 kg category, the gold medal, as well as the title of the 2023 Italian Women’s Championship is The Black Belt range is the end of a combat raid, resulting in a fast attack and ready to respond to the opponent’s attacks. After sharing the saliva, Valani aims to conquer the final park before the maximum with the above.

What’s in the box why the player is in love with him?Universe Judo Club Pratothat Fabio Santini, The M6/M8 band won a bronze medal in the 81 kg category, and at the same time Marco Marchicelli, level M3/M4, 66 kg class, extended by foot. Also in Follonica they were the winners of the Gran Prix Italia, 2022. In the M6/M8 age group they raised the Santini Cup, dominating the 81 kg category. Excellent complement to the Prezione degli Arbitri Pratesi Gregorio Rossi H Giuseppe Broccolo, will be called up for the last time to the final of the Absolute Championships, which will take place on 9 and 10 December in Ostia. “Judo is one of the disciplines that has had to face many problems due to Covid, or the reproach of him with hard work – observes the master Little Macrì “Our company emphasizes achieving the highest levels of mastery and refereeing in the fields and the passing of these strategies by experts who create a group of players who want to play the sport.”

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