“French farce”, “plot in Toulouse”, the English press is enraged after the defeat of Liverpool

Following Liverpool’s defeat on Thursday evening against heroic Toulouse (3-2), the English press castigated the refereeing of the match.

The English press had difficulty digesting Liverpool’s setback Thursday evening in Toulouse (3-2) for the fourth day of the Europa League. The newspapers across the Channel particularly point the finger at the arbitration and violently contest the decisions of the VAR.

It is above all the goal of Jarell Quansah, at the last second of the match, finally refused by the VAR for a handball from Alexis Mac Allister a little earlier in the action, which did not pass to England.

The Daily Mirror directly evokes a “conspiracy in Toulouse“, before adding that a “new VAR farce deprives the Reds of an equalizer at the last minute.» The Daily Telegraph also doesn’t mince words: “you went too far with VAR this time! Klopp blames the referees for the 13 seconds that passed between the handball and the illegal goal.»

Only the Daily Mail and the Daily express appear a little more objective. In his columns, the first believes that «Klopp is angry but the Reds deserve to lose in Toulouse.» The second simply speaks of “bad luck in Toulouse» for the Liverpool Reds, who will be able to get back on track on Sunday when they host Brentford in the Premier League.


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