El Mago Pop and Risto Mejide play a game of chess in ‘Travelling with Chester’

The duel between Risto Mejide and El Mago Pop: they play chessTRAVELING WITH CHESTER

El Mago Pop and Risto Mejide fight an unexpected duel and play a game of chess in the middle of ‘Travelling with Chester’

Antonio Díaz has won the chess game against Risto Mejide

During the interview of Risto Mejide to El Mago Pop In ‘Traveling with Chester’ the topic of play a game of chess. Towards the end of the program and thanks to the production team, they have finished playing a gamein which El Mago Pop has won.

After several minutes of tension in which Risto and El Mago Pop have fought a duel playing chess, the illusionist has risen with the victoriaand has even joked: “There was a moment when I thought, it’s his program…”. To which Risto asked him: “You would let yourself win?” and Díaz has denied it.

“Can you be more angry?”Risto said jokingly to El Mago Pop, who confesses that it is “his secret because he played a lot.”


2023-11-29 23:01:13
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