Carlos Antonio Vélez Criticizes Colombian Goalkeeper Álvaro Montero for Ugly Gesture Towards Referee

Carlos Antonio Vélez was no stranger to what happened in the match between Cúcuta – Millonarios and attacked the Colombian team’s goalkeeper, Álvaro Montero, for the ugly gesture he had with the referee at the end of the game.

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It turns out that Vélez did not lose track of the BetPlay Cup semifinal and had many details to criticize, because in the first place, he found the refereeing terrible and that gave him reason to criticize Montero, because he had an ugly gesture with the referee, which he also allowed him,

It was a t-shirt tug when the game was entering into hot smoke. The judge did not give his ‘tatequieto’ to the goalkeeper and gave Carlos Antonio enough arguments to criticize.

Below are the words of the Win Sports analyst who wrote through his ‘X’ account:

“What happened last night with Judge Betancur was a disaster. Millonarios complains about a penalty against Uribe, which only the fans see, when the truth allowed them to stop the game as many times as they wanted, although in that it is more the responsibility of the judge who is the panderer than of those who provoke it. But as they measured the input oil, they knew how pusillanimous he was and they took advantage of it. Imer Machado completed his cycle a while ago, but it seems that until a tragedy occurs they will leave him. It is clear that this judge does not like football because he allows it not to be played. Ahh and he also let them yell at him, insult him and even pull his shirt like Montero did, who sometimes forgets that he is a national team player and should set a good example. Nothing more right now!”

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