Building a Solid Foundation and Reaching New Heights in School Sports: Insights from the Youth Association

  Original title: Youth Association | The tower base is more solid and the spire is higher – A new trend in the development of school sports from the perspective of the Youth Association

Chasing dreams, showing style, and cultivating talents, at the first Youth Conference, the “pyramid” of campus sports was presented to people from multiple angles. With the efforts of all parties, the base of this “pyramid” is stronger and the spire is higher, providing more concrete work such as building a sports power and a healthy China, improving the physical quality of young people, and selecting high-level sports talents. solid foundation.

There are more than 20,000 young athletes and more than 16,000 young volunteers participating in this youth conference. Li Hui, director of the Youth and Youth Department of the State Sports General Administration, said: “Through this youth conference, I believe that more people will be able to participate. Young people understand sports, like sports, participate in sports, and engage in sports, promote the integration of physical education and the development of school sports work, and promote the physical health of young people.”

The foundation of the campus sports “pyramid” requires the joint efforts of many parties to consolidate it. Regarding the role of the Youth Association in promoting the popularization and development of campus sports, the main person in charge of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education said that the campus group of the current Youth Association has track and field, swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton There are a total of 10 major sports including aerobics (cheerleading), martial arts, and shuttlecock. They are all sports that are highly popular among students and can be easily carried out on campus.

“The Youth Association is a centralized display platform for school sports. More importantly, it is necessary to play the leading role of the Youth Association to promote the popularization of school sports and effectively improve the physical fitness of young students.” The person in charge said.

According to the person in charge, in this year’s Youth Association campus competition, more than 8,300 athletes from all over the country fought bravely in 10 major events and 370 minor events and achieved excellent results. Among the 34 participating delegations, 30 delegations won gold medals and 34 delegations all won medals. The 47ers’ 21 teams broke 42 conference records 106 times.

The top of the campus sports “pyramid” has repeatedly brought surprises to people at the Youth Conference. Xu Luying, a Fujian female weightlifter who surpassed the national adult record and tied the world record, Chen Yujie, a 14-year-old track and field player from Zhejiang who “won” the Asian Games championship, Wu Haolin who broke the national junior men’s 100-meter record, etc., all bloomed on the “spire” A dazzling light. Li Hui said that the Youth League is one of the major reform results of the integration of sports and education. From the athletes who achieved good results this time, we can see that the integration of sports and education played an important role in their growth. “In the future, there will be more and more young sports talents like this.” Li Hui said.

Standing at the “top of the tower” are also a group of student-athletes who have both outstanding performance on the field and outstanding academic achievements. At this Youth Youth Conference, Xie Zhiyu, the bronze medalist of the Hangzhou Asian Games, won the men’s 400-meter hurdles championship in the University Group B. He is currently a master’s student in the Department of Physical Education and Research of Peking University; Zhou Ziang, who represented the Beijing team in the basketball competition of the Youth Conference, is A first-year graduate student at PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University, he and his teammates worked hard together at the Youth Conference and finally won the campus men’s basketball championship; Li Shuang, a weightlifter from the Taiyuan team, won the women’s 64 with a score that exceeded the world youth record. Kilogram champion, as a senior high school student, her academic performance has always been at the forefront of the class; Tian Xiangning, a junior majoring in physical education at Guangxi University for Nationalities, won multiple team championships in the shuttlecock university group at the Youth Conference, and in terms of study, her comprehensive It also ranks first in grade all year round in assessment.

Regarding how to raise the “top of the tower” and strengthen the cultivation of sports talents, Wang Jiahong, a professor at Suzhou University, said: “When we build a high-level talent system as a whole, we must comprehensively consider the cultivation of sports literacy, skills, and levels. One-stop training for universities, middle schools, and elementary schools The system needs to be built. The family system cannot be ignored here, the family is the foundation, the school is the main body, and the society is the continuation.”

The base of the tower is more solid and the spire is higher. Under the background of the in-depth integration of sports and education, the “pyramid” of campus sports will also be built more solid and taller with the help of all parties. (Reporters Lin Deren, Wu Junkuan, Zheng Xin, Lu Xianting)

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